The CSU, Stanislaus GWAR (Graduation Writing Requirement)

Students must first pass the WPST and then take (and pass with a C- or better) a WP class.  These courses are listed on page 73 of the 2003-2005 catalogue. 


Guidelines for Writing Proficiency Courses

  1. WP courses will have curricular content i.e. they will not be just writing courses.
  2. WP courses will integrate writing with the rest of the course, both in content and in pedagogy. (Address both quantity of writing and integration.)
  3. WP courses will provide meaningful assessment of and developmental feedback on writing.


Procedure for Proposing a new WP course

All paper work goes through the Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs' Office.  Your course proposal is first approved by the college committee on Curriculum and Resources and then it is approved for WP credit by the University Writing Committee, (UWC.)   The UWC is a sub committee of the University Educational Policies Committee (UEPC.) 

It is a good idea to work with a member of the writing committee or the coordinator of the WPST (Writing Proficiency Screening Test) as you prepare your course proposal.  All new and existing WP courses must follow the above guidelines for WP courses.  The first time a course is taught by a new instructor and every five years after that, the UWC reviews the course.  Individual instructors are asked to provide a syllabus, a and a brief narrative that describes how the course meets the WP guidelines.  Instructors are encouraged to submit examples of student work that shows evidence of developmental feedback.