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Check out the American Cancer Society's site.

 Here's a page directed towards preteens: Be Smart Don't Start. Warning, graphic pictures of lungs are shown on this page.


Tobacco NEWS:

Check out your representatives' pockets: are they lined with tobacco dollars?

A new searchable data base has been made available by Michael Tacelosky. You can enter your zip code to find out how much tobacco PAC money your representative has accepted. The data base will also give you local tobacco action groups in your area and alert you to local tobacco issues. You can also find out if they have signed the "Commitment to our Children" letter or the anti-FDA letter.


Mother Jone's

"Whose line is it anyway?" Test your ability to tell whether the quotes are from Bob Dole or a Tobacco Company Spokesman.


Electronic Group Therapy!

A new IRC chat room for people who are trying to quit has been established by Eric Bremenkamp (zedsdad@crocker.com) at this server: irc.quarterdeck.com, the name of the room is quitsmoking," please distribute this information aggressively, so that the channel will be filled to capacity at all times with supportive quitters!"

The former tobacco employees speak out.

The full texts of affidavits of Dr. Uydess and the other former Philip Morris employees can be found here on Gene Borio's magnificent web page.


Useful information:

Research studies:

Cigarette tar toxicity studies at CSU Stanislaus and other intellectual endeavors

Brown & Williamson Collection Index

Top Notch Web Pages with Tobacco Information:

NicNet:The Arizona Nicotine and Tobacco Network
Tobacco BBS Gene Borio's wonderful collection of tobacco information, including a link to site with information about anit-tobacoo and pro-tobacco bills that are presently making their way through congress.

 Jack Cannon's Tobacco Industry Information page.

Master Anti-smoking page A list of links to many sites with anti-tobacco information, including a forum where you can send your comments

 Casual Casual A www magazine with a Thank You for Not Smoking page.



Government stuff:

Unintended Consequences of Cigarette Regulation
NIH (gopher) information on smoking

Lung Cancer:

Lung Cancer,ONCOLINK page


To quit smoking:

Blair'sQuitting Smoking Resource Pages
. Quit smoking
Stop Smoking in 1 Week!
Tobacco BBS


Anti Tobacco Advertising

These groups are involved in increasing public awareness about the advertising habits of tobacco companies.


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