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Beware!  Don't fall into the trap of believing that only those problems found on old exams will appear on your exam.  They may and then again they may not!  The intent of providing these exams is to give you a measure of how well you understand the material before you take your midterm.  Study completely for your exam and then take the old exam to test your comprehension and identify weaknesses.  Taking closed book exams is a much different experience than working on textbook homework problems (that have convenient chapter section titles) with a solutions manual at the ready.  Use this resource wisely!

DISCLAIMER:  The material provided here may include topics that will not be on your exam.  Additionally, topics you are expected to know may not have been covered on the old exam.  You are receiving an individualized education!

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Let me see old
exam 1 answers

This semester's exam 1 answers

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I'm ready for old
exam 2 answers
This semester's exam 2 answers

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Bring on old
exam 3 answers
This semester's exam 3 answers

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At last...
exam 4 answers
This semester's exam 4 answers